ACE/ACI : Border Crossing Software for Trucking Industry

What is ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)/E-Manifest?

E-Manifest is an electronic document related to border crossing into the United States and Canada. It details all information related to shipments and trip for CBP and CBSA. Carriers crossing the border must submit E-Manifest an hour before arriving to border through certified software such as AikSphere ACE. Not doing so may result in being sent back and/or also result in being penalized by the border agency.

Luckily, AikSphere is here to help

AikSphere is a certified CBP Software Provider that prides it’s self on providing fast, easy, and reliable ACE E-Manifest Software for border crossing. All required data can be entered on a single easy to fill form making this e-manifest software one of the most innovative software in the market. Once a trip is submitted, our border crossing software will keep you updated on the status of your shipments. You may also configure it to send reports to pre-set company emails and receive SMS on cellular phones.

If you are in trucking business with border crossing requirements our border crossing software can save you significant amount of time and money. AikSphere ACE can be integrated with AikSphere Exceeder as one system to meet all your needs. By integrating both systems you will be able to:

In nutshell, our application will improve your working experience and bottom-line by offering cutting edge technology for your business.

Our team of professionals will be delighted to assist you through the process of filing ACE and crossing border.

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