Dispatch Specialist Course

If you’re interested in becoming a truck dispatcher or you simply would like to update your skills as a dispatcher to offer a better level of service to your company or future employment opportunities, AikSphere Technologies is pleased to offer an official truck dispatch course. With our dispatch course you will learn to use many types of trucking software such as:

  • AikSphere Exceeder Dispatch Software
  • PC Miler for all mileage and route planning
  • Load boards for freight acquisition
  • AikSphere ACE/ACI for border crossing
  • Satellite Tracking
  • E-Logs: Learn to setup, use, and administer e-logs software.

In addition, you will learn Safety & Compliance, Border Crossing, Communication Skill and operation management.

Our company has been developing top-notch software and applications for the trucking industry for many years. We offer you the advantage of learning some of the most popular dispatch and tracking software. In our truck dispatch course you will gain an in-depth understanding of some of the most advanced dispatch and tracking software that can be found in the transportation industry. This can arm you with the knowledge to be competitive in your job market and to deliver more efficient results for your business. We are constantly updating our tools to deliver a better quality of service and integration with new hardware.

We strongly believe that with our tools and training we can empower our customers allowing them to feel confident in their work and be successful. We understand that the trucking world is extremely competitive and with our course you will surely be able to recognize some advantages that you can use within software and business organization to offer a more effective and competitive service in your industry.

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