AikSphere  РElectric Logging Devices (ELDS)

AikSphere’s E-logbook is the best way to do your logs and avoid violations of the FMCSA hours-of-service regulations. Driver’s logs have been made easy through our software. Truckers can track, plan and submit logs using a laptop or mobile device. This the fastest, easiest way to do logs.

Our E-logs are available on your smart devices or the AikSphere Compliance Tablet.

AikSphere’s E-logs are

  • integrated with automated IFTA & location tracking.
  • easy to install and compatible with any vehicle class.

Compliant with FMCSA

Fully Compliant with FMCSA’S 395.20 regulations.

Android & iOS Compatibility

Submit all the information you need at your fingertips on your smartphone with the AikSphere E-Logs.

Rules Embedded

Software is Canada-USA Driving rules embedded.

Driving hour modes

AikSphere’s E-logs supportes¬† Canada / Canada Team / Oil / U.S. 70:8 / 60:7 / Teams / Bus / Short Haul / Texas driving hour modes.

GPS interface

Drivers can enter their current location with a click


Drivers can submit their Driver Vehicle Inspection Report.

Recap Math

AikSphere’s E-log shows how many legal driving hours you have left available.


Exceptionally user friendly environment for Drivers

Advanced Warnings

It provides advanced warnings for HOS violations – hours of service. Violations are clearly shown in RED.

Extensive support.

Help files are built in and help is available by phone, forums, online training, and email.

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