15 Oct

Common ELD violations


Failed to add Shipping Document Number

Any document which directs towards the movement of cargo must be mentioned in driver’s electronic logs as per FMCSA. Examples of such documents are manifests, invoices, trip reports, order numbers, bill of lading etc. These documents are required by FMCSA to verify the on duty not driving time.

Fix: Record one of the shipping document number in ELD/AOBRD system. If you are using AikSphere’s ELD/AOBRD, you can enter multiple manifest numbers throughout your trip.


Failed to certify the accuracy of the information gathered by the ELD

The drivers must certify the correctness of all entries of his record of duty status (RODS) by signing it. His/her signature certifies that all entries made by the driver are true and correct.

Fix: The drivers must certify the ELD in every 24 hours. Our ELD, electronically validates the record of duty status of driver via electronic signature at the time of submission.


Failed to maintain ELD user’s manual and instruction sheet

As per FMCSA, drivers must carry information packet onboard which comprises of

  1. An instructions manual on how to operate the ELD.
  2. An instruction sheet which describes steps to be taken when ELD malfunctions. Reporting requirements and record keeping procedures
  3. Paper log book enough for at least 8 days
  4. Step by step instructions to produce and transfer driver’s hours of service records to an authorized safety official.

These manuals and instruction sheets can also be carried by driver in electronic form.

Fix: Always carry the manuals and instruction sheets compliant with the FMCSA regulations. Contact your ELD vendors for these manuals.


Failed to provide last 14/7 days logs

Drivers must be able to provide previous 14 days logs (in Canada) and 7 days logs (in US) as per the regulations. The previous record of duty status (RODS) can be produced in either paper form (if using paper log) or electronic form (if using ELD).  These are the options available for drivers:

  1. Paper logs
  2. Printouts from an ELD
  3. Records available in ELD which can be transferred to Authorized safety officials
  4. Display from a device with logging software and electronic signature capabilities

Fix: Always make sure that previous logs are available in any of the above forms. If you are using AikSphere’s ELD/ AOBRD, you not only can show your previous elogs but can also email them to an onsite inspection officer just by one click.

Portable ELD not mounted in a fixed position 

The portable ELD must be mounted to the Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) and it should be fixed at a position from where it is visible to the driver while he/she is seated.

Fix: Install right size truck mounts according to the size of the tablets. We provide heavy duty commercial mounts that are easy to install.


Failed to add Truck and Trailer numbers

The truck and trailer numbers must be recorded on record of duty status form of ELD. The numbers displayed on the ELD must be exact same as the one being operated on.

Fix: Drivers must make sure that they choose the correct truck and trailer number at the start of their shift. If you are using AikSphere’s ELD/AOBRD, apart from choosing/entering the truck and trailer number, you can also switch them during the shift.


Disclaimer- The rules and regulations are subject to change any time. Readers must verify with the authority, FMCSA/MTO and must not rely on the contents of this blog.

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