09 Jan

Fleet Tracking


Whenever we come across term fleet tracking, we simply picture it as system providing the information about the location of the vehicle. Tracking technology is far more powerful than just tracking the vehicles. It can serve as an effective and affordable tool by fleet owners to excel in business and maximize profits.

Strong customer relationship– Provides real-time updates and ETA for deliveries to your customers.  It can greatly reduce the stress and concerns of the shippers, receivers, and customers. Thus, increasing customer satisfaction.

Reduce fuel and maintenance cost–Idling, speeding, fast starts and stops can cost companies to spend a lot of money on fuel and maintenance. Tracking technology can help in monitoring vehicle performance 24/7 leading to improve vehicle life expectancy.

Easy Dispatching – Have real time access to equipment location on the portal instead of calling, texting or emailing the drivers.  This increases operation efficiency, planning, and reduces cost.

Reduce Insurance Costs – Safe driving and safe vehicles are key to lower insurance costs. Implementing tracking system reduces the risk of freight theft and fast recoveries of the stolen cargo. In addition, monitoring driver behavior for hard brakes, speeding, sharp turns, etc. encourages driver to be more responsible behind the wheels.

IFTA – Tracking system calculates the fuel taxes in a fraction of the time. Saves you from all the time consuming and error-prone manual process.


Fleet tracking system is a great investment for all sizes of fleets.  It provides great ROI in addition to all the benefits listed above.  Follow the link: truck-tracking to learn more about our GPS tracking devices.


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