Calculate your IFTA

With AikSphere easily calculate your IFTA in a few simple steps. AixSphere Tracking is designed to meet your needs, big and small, with automated features to ensure you have a smooth drive with no worries.

Basic and Advanced Modules

Basic: Simple to use with no added hassle. Simply enter your State miles and state fuel and you’re good to go.

Advanced Module: For companies looking to calculate IFTA on trips for all units.

Save Time and Money

Nobody wants to spend long periods of time on IFTA calculations and with AikSphere, you don’t have to! Enter your truck, miles and fuel and easily receive your IFTA calculations with these 3 easy steps saving you time and hassle.

Surcharge By State

Automatically calculate state surcharges with no effort required. AikSphere with conveniently equipped with automative functions which will allow you to save time and money without having to lift a finger.

Automatic Mileage Calculation

Conveniently have your IFTA mileage calculated for you with PC Miller.

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