27 Mar

Impact of Telematics on Trucking Insurance Rates

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Getting trucking insurance is more complicated than getting home and auto insurance. A good insurance will protect you from loses arising from vehicles and cargo. It is important to be knowledgeable of transportation insurance coverage in respect to geographical area, type of cargo, insured amount, and what type of systems may help you in getting better rates.

How to find a right policy?

The key is to find a right insurance agent who can create the most appropriate policy for your organization that serves your requirements.

All insurances consist of three aspects – vehicle, general liability and cargo. Types of insurance/ policy depends on several factors, such as type of vehicles, cargo, size of the organization, and operating radius. Driver records, CVOR and company accident stats will affect the rates as well.  A clean driving record and better safety histories easily qualifies for lower rates.



Best practices for lowering the rates

Company’s performance and safety practices are in hand of the carriers which can be easily enhanced by implementing good systems. Having electronic device onboard (Telematics) vehicles is one of the best and most efficient ways to record and maintain vehicle maintenance and driver’s logs.  Telematics system can be used to implement driver behavior policies, control accidents, vehicle thefts, and have real-time location of your fleet.

We invite you to check out our user-friendly Telematics System to help you improve your safety and compliance.  Our ELD and Fleet Management System proactively warns drivers and dispatchers of the upcoming violation by giving pre-violation warning and alerts and maintain all records.







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