07 Aug

Implications of falsifying Electronic log books

FMCSA has the authority to declare any driver or company to be an imminent hazard if there are violations found in regards to the safety statutes and regulations. There has been such an instance recently, where FMCSA has asked company to cease all it operations (link below).

It is for the drivers and companies to keep in mind that electronic log books are to be used in accordance with the FMCSA. The dispatchers of trucking companies have to keep an eye on the hours that drivers are recording in as Driving, On-Duty, Off-Duty and Sleeper Berth to keep regular compliance.

The Electronic log books have to be properly used and any manipulation with the ELD’s like unplugging them will result In non compliance. These kind of manipulations are taken very seriously by the officers and are illegal. Proper training of dispatchers and drivers is highly recommended for all trucking companies for better understanding of the consequences in case any non compliance occurs.

At AikSphere, we provide training for dispatchers and also provide certified ELD’s for our valuable customers. Our ELD’s record and give proper representation of the daily hours of service of drivers. For more information on the training programs, please check our website aiks.ca







Disclaimer- The rules and regulations are subject to change any time. Readers must verify with the authority, FMCSA/MTO and must not rely on the contents of this blog.

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