16 Aug

Importance of ELD training


As per an article by Ontario trucking association, there are more than 360 types of ELD’s and it is not possible for officers to know how to operate all of them. It becomes crucial for drivers to understand how ELD works and if need be they can guide the officers about the same.

The instruction manuals must be provided to the drivers which guide the drivers and officers about using the ELD. Having untrained drivers may result in spending longer time at inspection stations due to lack of knowledge.  In addition, it may also lead to unnecessary frustration, stress and warning or violation from officer. Furthermore, it may lead to delay in the operations.

It is very important that drivers are provided classroom training on using ELD’s. Management should not train drivers on the go and should make sure drivers fully understand how to use ELD’s before they start on the road.

Read more: http://ontruck.org/enforcement-more-eld-driver-training-needed/


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