Wired GPS tracker to track Trucks and Vans

The cutting-edge GPS commercial vehicle tracker is based on wireless gateway used for tracking and monitoring mobile asset, such as trucks, vans, and other commercial vehicle.

Using 3 wires connection with power ground and ignition, the device always gets charged from the equipment. With internal hybrid rechargeable batteries, it guarantees the device works in extremely low/high temperature and rugged, durable to withstand the harsh environment of transportation, makes long term and multi-event mobile assets tracking possible.

GMS95-TM also provides option allows to accommodate a variety of accessories, such as door sensors, temperature/humidity sensors etc., and offers the ability to track any asset even in the most demanding conditions.


Affordable price and low cost

Latest Cellular Technology

Perfect for low-cost, low-power, wide area IoT wireless applications.

Weatherproof Housing

Rugged, durable and weatherproof housing withstand harsh environment.

Low Power Consumption

Extremely low power consumption achieved by SMART POWER MANAGER®.

Extra Memory

Extra memory for storing more than 5,000 events.

Superior GPS

Superior GPS and Cell RF performance


Build in internal backup batteries enables GPS reports for more than 3 months.

Plug & Play features

All-in-one design and “plug & play” features make installation very simple. Over-the-air firmware upgrade and configuration.

Web-based Applications

Web-based applications with location and status reports.

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