Semi Truck Dash Cam System

AikSphere’s intelligent Dash Cams for fleets analyze the road and driver behaviour in real-time. These intelligent cameras are capable of sending alerts to drivers and actionable insights to managers. Smart dashcam technology is proven to improve driver safety and lower fleet costs.

Real Time Video Email Notifications

Receive video notification immediately on your smart phone.  Knowing you will be notified before anyone for any unfortunate event will put you in control of your fleet safety and response time.

Protection from False Claims

Our event driven video technology will help exonerate your driver when not at fault.  The dash cam will record before and after the harsh events such as accidents.  Having video of the occurrence will empower you to deal with false clams immediately.

Driver Behavior

Improve driver behavior by reviewing video events.  Harsh events may be searched by driver’s name and reviewed with drivers and taken up in safety meetings to improve overall safety performance for the fleet.

Flexible Recording Angles (Two Separate Cameras)

Have the flexibility to position two separate dash cam system as you wish. Majority of the solution in the market offer two dash cams as a single unit which greatly limits the angles you might like to monitor. AikSphere’s dash cam units are separate units giving you control over the placement of each unit.

Access to Video

Download video with click of a button.  You may download video for specified date and time for your review.

Weather Monitoring

Monitor the weather conditions of the place where your vehicle is. AikSphere’s semi truck dash cam will keep you posted of the truck’s local city’s weather and near areas, allowing you to make better decisions for your fleet safety and scheduling.

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