Track your dry van

Transportation companies can’t afford to lose touch with trailers in transit or in the yard. AikSphere’s  trailer tracking solutions reduce costs and improve trailer-to-tractor ratio while increasing capacity and visibility. Our Trailer tracking solutions provide the global visibility needed to allow fleet managers to optimize utilization, reduce fuel costs, improve preventative maintenance, and more. That’s why top companies trust AikSphere for reliable and cost-effective trailer tracking.

Real-Time GPS Trailer Tracking

Be connected with your trailers at all times as AikSphere’s GPS Tracking System which provides you with real time updates and alerts.

Theft Prevention

Stay in the know about exactly where your trailer or fleet is, who is operating it and where it’s going.

Geo Fencing

Monitor the entry, stay and exit times of your vehicles while getting notifications for the details of you go or pull reports.

Automated Alerts

Get easily customizable alerts and notifications directly to your mobile device and email. So you’re always in the loop.

Optimize Utilization

Reduce dwell times and improve tractor-to-trailer ratio with telematics systems to ensure maximum trailer utilization.

Asset Maintenance/Compliance

Conveniently schedule, monitor and record all required tasks for your trailer. You’ll receive automated notifications whenever you need any type of maintenance.

Mobile App

Have all the information you need at your fingertips by tracking your all trailers on your smartphone with the AikSphere GPS App.

Historical Assets Data

You can have all the information you need send to your devices directly so you can defend yourself from unwarranted claims with hard data.

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