23 Jul

ELD Malfunction? Here’s what you need to know

Truck drivers are required to have certain documents with them apart from the paper log books that they can use in the event of ELD malfunctions.  As per FMCSA, drivers must use paper logs when their ELD malfunctions. Drivers must also notify in written to the motor carrier company about the ELD technical issue that they encountered. For their pre-trip or post trip inspection, drivers can use paper inspection book when they are not able to use ELD.


In the event of an ELD malfunction and otherwise drivers should be equipped with these documents:

  • Paper log book
  • Previous log book of 8/14 days in USA/Canada respectively.
  • ELD officer inspection manual
  • Driver ELD operation manual
  • Paper inspection book


We at AikSphere, provide truck driver manuals and training videos to help them understand how they can use our ELD. Special functionality “Send problem report” in our ELD allows drivers to send their technical issues on the spot to our support team who troubleshoot them accordingly. https://aiksphere.com/e-log/



Disclaimer: The rules and regulations are subject to change any time. Readers must verify with the authority, FMCSA/MTO and must not rely on the contents of this blog


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